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STARS-260 Hotel Shared Room With Virgin Subordinates On A Business Trip Yuna Ogura, A Cuckold Female Boss Of A Cosmetics Maker Who Continues To Be Fucked. Yuna Ogura is my female department head. She is married but is becoming more and more beautiful and beautiful, so my company's male employees are very envious of her. Because Yuna Ogura saw that I was a gentle and quiet person, she often supported me at work. This week, my sister and I have a long business trip. Because of subjective reasons, we did not book a room in advance. When we arrived there was only 1 room left. So the two of us had to sleep in the same room. Nothing would have happened if this room's bathroom was made of glass, so while I was taking a shower, Yuna Ogura returned from buying some food, so my dick was completely visible to her. . I told myself that I would show it to my first daughter. But now that Yuna Ogura has seen it all, I have no choice but to... .

STARS-260 Chief, let me fuck you, Yuna Ogura

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 Movie Code: STARS-260 

 Actor: Yuna Ogura 

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