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Today my friend said she was traveling with a female colleague at the company. I didn't realize until I accidentally discovered that she had gotten into another man's car! The angry neighbor was brought home to find Karen sitting in front of the door. It turns out he had felt it for a long time, but wasn't sure. At this point Karen confessed her feelings to me. I didn't believe her so I joked, made her take off her pants and spread her pussy in front of me. Suddenly, Karen took it without thinking. Angered by my girlfriend's incident, I vented all my anger on Karen. If you are faithful, then so am I. I treated Karen very badly, blindfolded, handcuffed, stabbed … but Karen accepted everything without a word of reproach. It soothes my anger, calms me down, and makes me feel like I've done you wrong.

I know my older sister but I want to fuck my younger sister

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